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.pci-isa-001 to the rescue

Interconnect Systems Solution provides off the shelf Integrated Circuit (IC) components, Intellectual Property (IP) cores, and ASIC design services for a wide range of application areas. Our products and services encompass and apply to various bus and I/O standards, embedded controllers, Infra Red (IR) control-communication standards, and data encryption-decryption based design needs.

We also provide software productivity and testing tools for hardware designers.

We are continuously adding more to our offerings to bring you the best in technology and innovation.

[new] Wave VCD Version Update 1.20 is released. Many thanks to user group for their support and bug reports.  Download...

Wave screenshotVersion 1.20 Wave VCD (Value Change Dump) file viewer is available now for download. This viewer provides fast access to your verilog simulation data. More....

PCI Diagnostica screenshotPCI Diagnostica Exerciser, a tool that a PCI designer must have is released. It cuts your test and verification time in half. This inexpensive tool allows you to perform functional tests on a PCI design quickly and brings your product to market fast. More...

PCI-ISA-001PCI-ISA-001™, the low cost general purpose PCI controller chip is now available. View our recent press release on this chip. For more information visit our products page.

LincChip-8SCI LincChip™ technology at work. Transfer your data across commodity cable-connectors with the comfort of a cheap yet blazing 400 megabytes per second! The first silicon was announced in a press release. For more information visit our products page.

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